Why Sell When You Can Invest?

Stop selling and invest your money with a real estate investment firm that helps sales
professionals have less dependence on their W-2.


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Hassle Free Real Estate
Investment Opportunities
For Elite Sales Professionals

Being a commission-based salesman can be challenging. Passive
investment in real estate can help you overcome the instability and
pressure of waiting for customers to close deals. Invest in private
equity placements through Optimal Equity Group and build a
secure financial future.



You are
working tirelessly at your current job


Large portions of your income go to your IRA or 401k


Feel overexposed in the stock market


You are unsure how to generate passive income


You dream of a better life but feel it’s out of reach


Passive Income




Tax Advantages


Inflation Hedge


Historically Low
Volatility & Stability


Strong Demand


Cash Flow



Why Multifamily?

Invest in the Future you Want

Secure your financial future with our passive real estate investment opportunities. Optimal Equity Group is
the ideal real estate investment firm to help you reach your financial goals with long-term passive income.
We partner with world class operators to bring you optimal returns in the most desirable markets.

Why Us?

As seasoned sales professionals,
we understand the importance of
audacious decisions in wealth
creation and passive income

Everyone should have the ability
to participate in private equity
placements in real estate. We
empower you to do this.

Start building passive income and
generational wealth without
requiring millions in your
bank account.

Our Portfolio

Candlelight Deal

LocationDuncanville, TX which is a Houston sub market
Purchase Price$15,400,000
Interest Rate5.67% Interest Rate
Duration7 year term with 3 years interest only
Interior Type100% Classic Interiors

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About Me

Jarod Alexander is the founder of Optimal Equity Group which was formed to help educate investors on how to achieve strong returns by investing in real estate. Jarod’s responsibilities is to bring vetted opportunities to investors offered by experienced real estate firms with a proven track record.

Jarod is a family man who is happily married with 2 amazing kids currently living in Phoenix, AZ. He is sales professional who has won numerous awards for his salesmanship and is known for his dedication to customer satisfaction.

Jarod is passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals and believes that real estate is one of the best ways to do so. His mission is to help people reach their full potential and live life to the fullest. He believes that everyone has the ability to be successful if they put their mind to it. Jarod’s vision is to create a world where
everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Jarod is a limited partner (LP) in 6 syndications
totaling over 1100 units in which brings
experience and knowledge to recognize strong opportunities that may arise.

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