The Wealthy passive investor takes action to grow wealth faster!

December 31, 2022

If you got value from this podcast, please share it with the world! In this episode of The Wealthy Trucker, Eric Neely talks with Jarod Alexander. Jarod is from Fayetteville, NC, and works Full-Time as a flooring sales consultant.

He is happily married with 2 amazing kids. Jarod has found his passion for real estate and loves to listen to podcasts about passive investing, growth mindset, and financial freedom. Together with his wife, they started their real estate journey by buying a turnkey single-family home and are currently a limited partner in 4 apartment syndications in Phoenix, AZ.

He enjoys the simpler things in life like spending time with family, listening to books, running, biking, Gym, and spartan races, and he just recently signed his son up for a kid spartan race. What are you wealthiest in Jarod: Faith, Family, Fitness, or Finance? Family, faith, fitness, and looking to grow the finances. My why for taking this path in real estate investing is to obtain financial freedom so I can be more present with wife and 2 kids.